Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Movie Review

A group of young people goes into the woods to shoot a survival-based reality show hosted by former Marine Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins, Feast, The Devil's Tomb) and are soon hunted by a family of deformed cannibals. This sequel to the original Wrong Turn sticks pretty close to the feel of its predecessor while adding a ton more gore.

And these guys

The actors playing the game show contestants are hit or miss, with Texas Battle (Final Destination 3) as Jake standing out as the best of them. Of course all the actors pale in comparison to the awesomeness Henry Rollins brings to the film. There are some very memorable death scenes in this one, too, blending extreme gore with a bit of humor. The story of the inbred family is actually sort of interesting too. This movie, much like the original, is a lot of fun and something I recommend to any horror fan.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End Movie Trailer

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