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Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Movie Review

Scientists in Japan attempt to create an artificial black hole to zap Godzilla away into space--unfortunately, during testing they unleash a whole new terror. This 2000 entry into the Godzilla legacy starts off very strong--we get the back story of Godzilla's original attack on Tokyo, re-created using the current rubber suit. We see how Japan has attempted to rebound, and we get Godzilla's most recent attack, a 1996 smashing that left many dead and one woman, Kiriko Tsujimori (Misato Tanaka), with a thirst for revenge. The first half hour of this movie offers up more Godzilla action than many other movies in the franchise do for the entire film, so right off the bat there's a lot to like about this movie. Godzilla himself looks cool, and the destruction is very much a throwback.

This guy's on fire!

The big guy's opposition in this outing comes by the hundreds in the form of dragonfly-esque Meganula...

All in all you're just another bug on the wall

...and their queen, Megaguirus.

And a lovely queen she is

So far so good, but then it just falls apart. The plan is to destroy Godzilla with a black hole--think about that for a it? What do we know about black holes? Take time to Google it real quick...go ahead, I'll wait.......Back with me? Okay, good. Lets try to get past that (if we can). Unlike the classic Godzilla films we all grew up with, this film relies heavily on CGI, and if you're picturing something akin to Avatar, think again.

It gets even worse than this...I'm not kidding

Another thing that sucks the enjoyment out of this film is the dubbing--I'm not sure where they got the dubbing "talent" from, but I have a vision of a sign that reads "The Simone Adamley and Jeff Spicoli School of Voice Acting". If you can sit through all this awfulness you will actually be treated to a decent final battle, but alas, it is quickly ruined by what follows...seriously, A BLACK HOLE?!?!

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus Movie Trailer. It's in Japanese, but it sounds better than the dubbed version, so why not. There's also an interesting commercial after it.

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