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Final Destination 3 Movie Review

Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a premonition of a roller coaster disaster, freaks out, and gets off the coaster, followed by several of her classmates. After the coaster does, in fact, come off the rails, death comes after Wendy and her friends, clearly upset they have interfered with his design.
This looks fun

This installment of the series does not stray too far from the formula set forth by its predecessors, even mentioning the first two as blueprints on how to cheat death, all while adding a new wrinkle--Wendy can see clues to future deaths in photographs she took the night of the coaster accident. This movie maintains the general feel of the first two, and though the acting comes down a notch, the death scenes are equally brutal--the tanning bed scene may be the most horrific of the deaths scenes in the entire series. Unfortunately, this also has the most irritating character in the entire series, Frankie Cheeks--he's such an annoying character I think I may be taking away an entire point just for his existence--well, that and the fact that Bludworth makes no appearance in the film (though Tony Todd himself does do some voice work for the movie). Some of the special effects in the movie also leave a little to be desired. Overall, however, I still enjoy this movie quite a bit. Also, I very much recommend getting the DVD of Final Destination 3. There is a really fun bonus that allows you to choose the fate of the characters as you watch the movie, unleashing alternate versions of some scenes from the original.


This bonus allows you to save certain characters, one option reveals the fate of two characters from Final Destination 2 (it's not pretty), and even unlocks two alternate endings, one that is so abrupt it had me wondering what in the world I was watching and how did I get here.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Final Destination 3 Movie Trailer

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