Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Movie Review

Danny (Anthony Ilott) has just inherited an abandoned resort in West Virginia. When he and his friends go to check it out they find a couple creepy caretakers and  something very sinister about Danny's bloodlines--here's a hint: they're in West Virginia and this is a Wrong Turn movie. If nothing else this changes the plot up a little bit in the series as we see the crazed inbreds somewhat working with "regular" people, and we see more "normal" members of the family--yeah, I know we saw this to some degree in part 5 but this time it's different...this's family! (If you're waiting for the return of Maynard, keep waiting. It doesn't happen). The movie does deliver in something we have come to expect in the series--gruesome death scenes.

Oh's one now

The acting varies--some is horrible, but others are sort of okay. The budget and production value drop off from previous films in the series, and the directing is pretty poor. Still, this movie does have a Wrong Turn feel to it, and maintains the level of mediocrity set by the films that have followed the first two.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Movie Teaser Trailer

ADDED BONUS: For folks who watched this movie on Chiller and wondered why they blurred the woman walking toward the hot spring at the start of the's your answer...

Okay, I still have no answer

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