Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead Movie Review

A group of four college students are terrorized by cannibal freaks in a wooded area. A short time later a prison bus transferring prisoners overturns in the same woods, giving the cannibals more potential meals. Let me start this by saying that I am a fan of the first two Wrong Turn movies. As a fan I was cautiously excited about seeing the third installment, and was pretty let down. As opposed to the first two films, which saw entire families of these freaks tracking people down, this one features primarily one freak and his boy (for a short time anyways). Also, unlike in the first two, this film has other “bad guys”, graying the question of which side is good and which is bad.

Good guy?

This is a cool concept that usually works in films, but not this one. The acting is pretty bad here two, with really no exception. Another thing that separates this from the first two films is the use of CGI, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if the CGI was good—it’s not. Probably the only thing this movie really has going for it is the number of interesting death scenes, which is a staple in this series. The ending also leaves questions and features at least one thing you may not see coming. Overall this is the worst of the Wrong Turn series (so far) and I really only recommend it to fans of the series who can’t go without seeing them all.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead Movie Trailer

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