Thursday, July 21, 2016


Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Movie Review

Amidst the Mountain Man Festival, the hillbillies from the previous films join forces with Maynard (Doug Bradley, Pinhead from the Hellraiser films), a serial killer, to seek revenge on a group of friends in town for the festival. This marks the first time we see the family working with somebody outside their clan, and the reason for this is never really explained beyond Maynard mentioning they are staying in his home. Naturally this movie brings a ton of blood and guts (literally), and comes through with some intense death scenes.

He wants to be...your sledgehammer

Mercifully, part 5 drops the dreaded attempts at humor we had to deal with in part 4 and finds the nice balance of the first few films in the series. To no surprise at all Bradley brings the awesomeness, though it is funny hearing his accent come and go at various points throughout the movie. The rest of the acting is fairly decent, and this would present arguably the most likable group of victims since the first film. A little too much time is spent in the jail with little to nothing advancing the story other than Maynard repeatedly threatening everybody else. With the festival in town you may be excited at the prospect of the hillbillies going on a mass killing spree, but sadly, it's not to be. What we do get, however, is a pretty memorable ending taken straight out of the pages of the Saw series. For whatever reason many fans of this series name this their least favorite of the Wrong Turn films, but to me it sits a solid third, behind only the first two.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines Movie Trailer (not red band, but it probably should be--insert the obligatory nudity and language warning here)

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