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Hellraiser: Revelations Movie Review

Two terribly irritating teenagers travel to Mexico, where they are given the box that unleashes the Cenobites. After being missing for quite some time, one returns home to tell their families the events of their trip. This 2011 is, to date, the final installment of a series that initially hooked audiences, but eventually left them feeling soulless. The first thing you need to know about this movie is that, for the first time, Doug Bradley does not play Pinhead. Instead, veteran voice actor Fred Tatasciore gets the nod. Allegedly Bradley read the script and said there's no chance of him returning, so instead of creating a new character (which they should have done) they cast Tatasciore as the new Pinhead. I get all of that--what I don't get is casting a guy who makes Pinhead look less demon and more...cuddly bear.


The second thing you will likely notice, as it's obvious from the opening seconds, is that the acting is worse than you can likely imagine. I am not exaggerating when I state I have seen far better acting in high school productions. There are many, many films that have horrible acting, but almost all have at least one person who has at least a small bit of acting ability--not here. Then there's the storyline. For the first time a bit of found footage is incorporated into the series, but it does little to add anything--the guy is already telling to entire story. Why mix in found footage? All that said, there is a little to like about the movie. For the first time in over fifteen years a Hellraiser movie was written as a Hellraiser film, and actually feels (at least a bit) like a Hellraiser film. Not that the story is without flaws, but it was somewhat refreshing to see them rehash something we have not seen in the series in a long, long time. 

Look familiar?

The special effects are pretty awful, but that's expected in a film with a budget hovering around three hundred grand, and the gore makes up for that. The final fifteen or twenty minutes are actually decent as well. The ending promises a tenth film, but over five years later that has not happened. Given more time, a higher budget, and better actors this could have been a decent movie--a return to the Hellraiser movies we know and love. However, this was a last second throw together film from Dimension simply to avoid losing the rights to the series. This is far from a good film, but I truly don't think it is as bad as most make it out to be...or maybe it just looks okay compared to the last few Hellraiser films.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Hellraiser: Revelations Movie Trailer

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