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Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Movie Review

Club owner J.P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) unleashes Pinhead from his captivity in a statue. Now reporter Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrell), with the help of Elliot Spencer (Pinhead in his human form, both played by Doug Bradley), must attempt to send Pinhead back to Hell. The third installment of the Hellraiser series takes a turn in a few different ways--Julia is gone, Kirsty is almost gone (she's used to connect the first two films to this one), and, most importantly, Pinhead is given much more personality (and one liners), and is finally brought front and center.

At last!!

Also of note is that all the Cenobites besides Pinhead are gone, and are not replaced until toward the end of the film. This, to me, is a fantastic film. For the most part the special effects and makeup jobs we are accustomed to in the first two films are gone, but the brutality is not. The acting also is a step up here--Farrell turns in a decent performance, Bradley, of course, is good, and Bernhardt is a scene stealer as the cocky club owner. This movie includes one of my all time favorite horror movie scenes as well--the fury Pinhead unleashes on the club. That scene--and the aftermath scene with Joey walking through the club--is a wonderful combination of brutality and "so bad they're good" special effects. To me the big drawback of this film are the dream sequences Joey has of her father. I understand this all sets up the finish, but the scenes are poorly directed, poorly written, and take away the mood set by the rest of the film--however, this is not enough to take away from this film. I have seen Hellraiser III more than any other film in the series, and I continue to enjoy it to this day...

...even if I now find her more annoying that hot

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth Movie Trailer

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