Sunday, December 13, 2015

HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE (aka Hellraiser 4)

Hellraiser: Bloodline Hellraiser IV Movie Review

We start off in the year 2127, on a spaceship, with some guy who looks like Rob Van Dam (actually Bruce Ramsey from Alive) telling a woman who looks like Hilary Swank the history of his family--the family that created the box that brings the Cenobites from Hell into our world. We flashback to the late 18th Century, get the story of the box being created, flash forward to 1996 to see his family battle Pinhead, and then back to 2127 to see another battle with Pinhead and dog?


This movie somehow manages to spend about equal amounts of time on each individual setting, with, honestly, none being any better or worse than the other. Ramsey plays all three members of his bloodline, to equally poor results. Some of the things we are used to in the series are still here--Doug Bradley returns as Pinhead (albeit a somewhat toned down Pinhead from the third installment), the box is back, and the general idea is here, but much of what we know from the previous installments is gone. No other Cenobite returns, and, other than the box being buried amongst a building, nothing really connects the story to the storyline from before. Also gone, for the most part, are the fantastic makeup, special effects, and brutality. Overall this isn't quite a jumping of the proverbial shark--it's more Hellraiser Lite.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Hellraiser: Bloodline Movie Trailer

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