Sunday, December 13, 2015

HELLRAISER: DEADER (aka Hellraiser 7)

Hellraiser: Deader Movie Review

After viewing a video that appears to show a woman being brought back from the dead after shooting herself in the head, a journalist (Kari Wuhrer) travels to Romania to uncover the secrets of the underground group responsible for the video. As was the case with installments five and six of the Hellraiser series, the script of this film originally was not a Hellraiser script, and just like with those films, it shows. They throw in the box and a couple appearances by Pinhead, and even tie the leader of the underground group (they call themselves "Deaders") to the toymakers of past Hellraiser films, but the glue is pretty thin.

It's a Hellraiser film now--see, there's the box!

The film itself is...well...Kari Wuhrer plays the lead character, so you get what you expect. For the most part it comes across as a SyFy Original, with some profanity and nudity thrown in (yes, it IS a Kari Wuhrer film). Nothing of particular interest happens in this film, and much of it is a balancing act between fact and fiction. I think this film actually would have had some potential had they stuck with the original premise, not made it a Hellraiser film, had better acting, and better makeup and special effects--a lot to ask, I know, but the story itself was there. Unfortunately, what we got from it was a muddled mess of mediocrity.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Hellraiser: Deader Movie Trailer

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