Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Hangar 10 Movie Review

Three people with metal detectors and cameras go to a wooded area in search of gold. The location? Rendlesham Forest, which UFO enthusiasts recognize as a place where, in 1980, several unidentifiable lights were spotted and reports of extraterrestrial aircraft landings surfaced. What ensues is two blokes and a lass walking about the woods recording each other as they get lost, confused, and angry--the Blair Witch comparison is obvious, and a large part of the film feels like a remake of that film, with the unseen antagonist being aliens instead of a witch. Eventually the group begins to see lights and objects in the sky and attempt to leave the woods.

But not before trying to determine if there's metal in the sky

Unfortunately, not a lot actually happens in the film outside of the group attempting to leave the woods and get to safety. Lights are seen. Noises are heard. Weird things are all around (still sounds like Blair Witch, doesn't it?). For most of the film, when something does finally happen the cameras are shaky and the lights strobe, so it's virtually impossible to see what's going on. Not all is bad here, however. The actors aren't great, but tolerable, and the characters somewhat likeable. The CGI is decent for the budget the film had, and some of the visuals are actually pretty cool. The final scene is one that is visually pleasing, albeit a letdown when it comes to the ending. I've seen a ton of alien movies in my life--many are better than Hangar 10, but there are also a lot that are much worse.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Hangar 10 Movie Trailer

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