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Hellbound: Hellraiser II Movie Review

Following the events of the first film from the Hellraiser series, we find Kirsty (Ashley Laurence) in a psychiatric institution. There, Dr. Phillip Channard (Kenneth Cranham) discovers the secrets of the Cenobites, and feeds inmates to a returning Julia (Clare Higgins). Now Kirsty, with the help of puzzle solving savant inmate Tiffany (Imogen Boorman), enters the realm of the Cenobites to attempt to destroy Julia and the rest of the evil demons. This is a pretty solid follow up to the original film. The visuals are fantastic throughout the movie, particularly when they enter Leviathan.

Or Hell...whichever

As in the original, the makeup is also very impressive, and the special effects and acting less so. Laurence somehow goes from a good performance in the first film to being borderline awful here. This film brings Pinhead more to the forefront, and for the first time he is credited as "Pinhead", but he still somewhat plays second fiddle, this time to Julia. We do, however, get a small look into his past, and in fact get to see all the Cenobites in human form. This film had a much larger budget than the first film, but that does not translate into a better movie. The story is not quite as good, the acting is much worse, and the ending doesn't do much to help. Hellraiser II is a step down from the first film, but it is a small step as this is still a very enjoyable movie. As an added bonus, if you're a Queensryche fan your ears will likely perk up a couple times while watching this.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Hellbound: Hellraiser II Movie Trailer

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