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WARNING: The following movie review is for a film that is not horror--it's not even science fiction for that matter. So no, this is not a film that would typically be reviewed on this site. You may be asking yourself "Okay then, so why are you bothering with this movie?". My loyal readers, it is for you that I make these sacrifices. You will find, as I did, They Look Like People labeled "horror" on friends, do not believe it.

They Look Like People Movie Review

So what does that leave us with? A movie about a guy with schizophrenia rooming with an old friend, a guy with no self esteem and a crush on his boss. For an hour and twenty minutes the boys rekindle a friendship, do guy stuff and, eventually, Crazy Guy lets Somewhat Less Crazy Guy in on his about to attack the city. He prepares for it...kind of. Less Crazy Guy makes no real connection with his boss. There is a slight bit of tension in the final scene...and then nothing happens.

And the viewer does this

It goes without saying this film doesn't work as a horror film, but it truly fails at being a good psychological movie, drama, comedy, or anything else it may have actually tried to pull off. They Look Like People only has two redeemable qualities--it is shot well, and is only 80 minutes long.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 3

They Look Like People Movie Trailer

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