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Open Water Movie Review

A couple left behind after a scuba diving outing now face a nightmare--being stranded in the open water with no help in site. This 2003 money maker was based on the real life story of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who, like Susan and Daniel in the movie, were left behind.

Tom and Eileen

In real life the couple was never found, and theories to their disappearance included the possibility the couple intentionally stayed back--this is approached in the film, and everything we see from the time they are left is speculation to what MAY have happened. All of this I appreciate. I also appreciate the fact that the actors were really filmed in dangerous waters, complete with real sharks (though it was all very contained and fairly safe for the actors). However, from there it falls apart. Once it is just the two in the water, what we get is...

...a lot of this and...

...a little of this.

The characters are not particularly likable. The actors are not talented enough to pull off what is asked of them. The exchanges between the two is enough to put anybody to sleep. And somehow, given the extraordinary circumstances, the director fails to, in any way, make the film scary (and I am a person terrified of deep water). Even worse, nothing ever truly happens. I really want to like this movie--over the years I've given it at least four chances now--but each time I watch it, Open Water is as boring as I remember it being.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

Open Water Movie Trailer

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