Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hostel: Part III Movie Review

A group of guys travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Because this is Vegas (and a horror movie), things quickly go south after they encounter strippers and hookers, and soon the guys find themselves captured by the Elite Hunting Club. A twist is thrown into this installment of the Hostel series--this being Las Vegas, members of the club bet on the killings. This is the first movie in the series that did not see a theatrical release, and also the first Eli Roth did not have a hand in--both of these points are quite apparent. The bloodshed is toned down, and the more realistic death scenes of the first two films give way to more absurd, computer assisted killings.

And it bugs me

The third (and to date, final) film in the series follows the same basic storyline the first two built, but somebody must have thought "Wait, we ought to bring this to the United States because...well, there's no really good reason to do this except to be a little different...let's do it!" and it was done. Honestly, it takes away from the general uneasiness of the first two films and gives way to the more familiar debauchery of Vegas. They also somehow managed to make the lead characters even more unlikable than in the first film--considerably more unlikable in fact, especially Skyler Stone as Mike, a character you will want to bid on killing yourself mere seconds after he is introduced. Making characters this horrible in films is a double edged sword--common horror movie script says to make the hero one you can cheer for, but making them this unlikable makes it very enjoyable for the viewer when the character eventually meet their demise--the latter works in this film, but no character is made likable enough for you to want to cheer on. Anyway, the ending is a decent one, and though this doesn't feel quite like a Hostel film and falls a little short of the first two, it is still worth watching.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Hostel: Part III Movie Trailer

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