Saturday, April 16, 2016


KillerKiller Movie Review

A group of killers awaken to realize the guards at their security facility have disappeared. The doors are unlocked, but they cannot escape due to a freezing mist outside--inside things are no better as they are being killed off one by one by somebody...or something.

It's her...but who is she?

This is a very low budget film from England--the budget, or lack thereof, is painfully evident as soon as the movie starts, and coupled with the opening sequence, if you, as am I, are a horror fan who will watch absolutely anything, you will likely sigh and think to yourself "Here we go again". However, sticking with it pays off a little with this movie. The story is an interesting one, there are twists thrown in here and there, and, in a true rarity for a film that looks like it was shot on a pro-am camcorder, the acting is actually pretty good. The death scenes vary from gory and attention grabbing to offscreen splatter to the absurd. Unfortunately, what drags the film down does a significant amount of damage--the production itself, and in particular the directing and audio. The audio is easy to explain--there is no consistency with it at all. Have your hand on the volume button the entire time you watch this. The quality is so bad at times that it is impossible to decifer what is being said, and it's obvious this was an issue in production, not in post or transfer. The other main issue with this film is the direction. Some of the framing and shots are so mind bogglingly bad the viewer is left wondering what in the world the director was thinking. It is far too self aware, screaming "I'm trying to achieve cult status!!" throughout. One can only wonder how much better this film would have been had writer/director Pat Higgins directed the film as well as he wrote it. All that said, KillerKiller is still a decent film that's worth watching.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

KillerKiller Movie Trailer

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