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Devil May Call Movie Review

On her last night on the job, a blind suicide hotline operator (Corri English) is stalked by John (Tyler Mane), a regular caller who also happens to be a serial killer. Right off the bat you may recognize a few people in this movie--we have Mane, who you may know as...

Myers Mane

SabreMane or maybe even...

Big Sky Mane

We also have English, who you may recognize...


"John, don't hit me one more time"

And then there's Traci Lords, who, more than anything else, is and will always be known for one thing...

You were expecting something else?

The movie starts off with a very effective, strong opening sequence, followed by a decent introduction of our heroes and inevitable victims (and it's easy to know who will fall into each individual categorie). Tension is built nicely with each call John makes, and Mane looks genuinely creepy in this film.

Remember, he's almost seven feet tall too

Unfortunately, the film teeters off from here. Much of the dialogue between the suicide hotline workers is mundane, mind-numbing filler conversation that neither builds the characters nor advances the story. For the most part the death scenes are boring and predictable, and some of the scenes are hilariously bad--in one scene John bashes a guys head into a wall with the force of a gentle breeze, while in another scene he throws a guy through a wall...of empty cardboard boxes. If you can make it through all this, you will find the film actually has a fairly decent ending (the final few seconds notwithstanding). Devil May Call is a movie that was released with little fanfare and a small budget--it delivers more than what you may expect, but ultimately fails to live up to its potential.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Devil May Call Movie Trailer

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