Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hostel Movie Review

Three young men backpacking through Europe meet some young ladies who promise to take them on an adventure they will never forget...unfortunately for them, it's all a setup, and the guys now find themselves the prize of an evil auction. What does the winning bidder get, you ask? They get to torture and kill the prize. This 2005 film from Eli Roth is considered on of the forerunners of a genre that would come to be known as "torture porn", and wow, is it ever brutal.

Eye can't look

The torture scenes are extremely violent and gruesome--once we finally get to them. Before the scenes we all came for, however, we are subjected to a LOT of nothing really happening. We get to know the main characters and dislike them more by the minute. The writing is pretty mediocre and the dialogue dreadful, but if you can manage to stick it out, the sheer brutality through the last act is something worth seeing--if you can stomach it. There's no denying the impact and influence Hostel had on the horror industry, but truthfully, films in this genre have been done much better. Still, if graphic violence and torture are your thing, Hostel is a must-see.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

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