Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension Movie Review

Picking up where the third film left off, we see a family in a house built where Lois' house once sat. Daughter Leila begins talking to a demon named Toby while her father Ryan watches VHS tapes he found that show Kristin and Katie as children. As strange things happen in the house Ryan puts together the clues to connect what he is seeing on the tapes to what is happening in his house. Along for the ride are Ryan's brother wife Emily, and his...sister(?) Skylar. Much like Saw 7, this movie is allegedly the final in the series and attempts to tie up loose ends left from previous films--while it may have done that, the results are less than satisfying. Unfortunately, this film forgoes the organic frights of the first film in favor of heavy reliance on CGI (made for 3D no less), taking away pretty much any sense of reality, thus leaving any true terrifying moments few and far between. Of course this is a found footage film, and if you can make it through the annoying number of jump cuts you may just finds yourself rolling your eyes and taking the same issue with these type films that I take--NOBODY would continue holding a camera through everything that is happening. The family realizes the daughter isn't in the house and what's the first thing Dad does? He grabs the video camera. Mom goes through a multi-dimensional, time traveling tunnel that has developed in her daughter's bedroom? Better grab that camera, and be sure it is stable, focused, and always shooting straight.

Yeah, grabbing the camera is the first thing I would do

No that all is bad with this movie. The acting is actually fairly decent, the story connecting this with the first three films is adequate, and the film moves at a good pace. Still, if this truly is the final film in the Paranormal Activity series, Ghost Dimension sent the series out with a whimper.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Paranormal Activity 6: The Ghost Dimension Movie Trailer

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