Thursday, November 12, 2015

SAW 3D (aka Saw 7 / Saw: The Final Chapter)

Saw 3D Saw 7 Movie Review

The seventh (and allegedly final) installment of the Saw series picks up where part 6 left off. Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), having survived Jill’s (Betsy Russell) attempt to kill him, is now hunting down Jill while executing the final wishes of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell). Meanwhile, Bobby Dagen (Sean Patrick Flanery Boondock Saints) has made a living selling a book claiming he survived a Jigsaw trap and now must truly be tested. The first thing you will notice in this movie is the return of a character. One may also notice not a whole lot of advancement storyline wise with this movie. The plot is a somewhat weak one, by Saw standards anyways—but this is really all okay as the point of this film is to tie up some loose ends and ultimately end the series, and it does a very good job on both levels. This may also be the bloodiest installment of the series, and features more traps than any other, to mixed results.

A good opening trap

Also, very much to my delight, the reverse bear trap FINALLY kills somebody!!!

That answers that question 

*****SPOILER ALERT***** My only real complaints about this film are that Amanda was not in it (except a very brief flashback clip), it seemed a bit rushed, and the return of the character I mentioned previous was very poorly timed. This character should not have been revealed until the end. *****END SPOILER ALERT*****

As a side note, I did see this one in 3D. A couple things were done well with this effect, but this is certainly not a movie that MUST be seen in 3D. To me, the end of the Saw series was about as perfect as could have been done, and as much as I love this series, I hope they do not make another one. There is just not a better way to end the series.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Saw 3D Movie Trailer

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