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Sinister 2 Movie Review

Following the events of the first film, Courtney Collins (Shannyn Sossamon of Wayward Pines fame) moves into the former Oswalt family house. Deputy So & So from the first film (now ex-Deputy So & So) returns and is determined to burn all the houses connected to Bughuul and end the curse once and for all. You rarely expect a sequel to live up to the original, but Sinister 2 really falls short of the original. While it's nice that Bughuul returns...

Mr. Boogeyman is back

...the focus is more on the kids of his flock, which is unfortunate in many ways. Absolutely none of the kids (dead or alive) are even remotely scary, and they come off as a ripoff of the kids from Children of the Corn...only far less intimidating, interesting, or entertaining.

And they're ugly too

As in the first film, we see a bunch a death scenes via old found footage tapes, and while satisfying, the scenes in the sequel are far less creative and scary. The story is not nearly as attention grabbing as in the first film either, though it is passable. Sossamon and James Ransone (the deputy) both turn in good performances and make their characters likable, but the atrocious acting of every child in the movie more than cancels that out. The ex husband character seems there only to give us somebody to hate so much we cheer his inevitable demise--while you will likely cheer out loud when he finally bites the dust, one can't help but observe this makes our villain a bit counter-productive--how can we completely root against a guy who just killed THAT guy?! To top it all off, the transition to the climax is one of the most rushed I have ever seen. I was somewhat excited for this sequel, but in the end, Sinister 2 is a run of the mill horror flick.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Sinister 2 Movie Trailer

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