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Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Review

In a prequel to the original Paranormal Activity, we go back in time to see Katie and Kristi as children in 1988. Living with their mother Julie (Lauren Bittner) and would-be stepfather Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith), the children begin interacting with imaginary friend/real life demon Toby, and via the cameras Dennis has set up all around the house, we see the havoc unfold. The third installment of the series keeps the momentum going strong. The story is an interesting one, the cast is likable, and the scares, while beginning to border on over the top, are still frightening.

This one is particularly spooky

One thing one has to wonder, however, is why Katie never really mentions any of the events of this film during the first movie. Yes, I know she mentions the demon has followed her since she was a kid, but the risk you take in making a film like this is continuity--in this instance, having gone through all this as a child, you would think she would freak out the second Micah begins to set up cameras. I understand the entire series is found footage, but one has to wonder if this film being shot as a regular movie would have been more effective. The ending, while somewhat chilling, will also make you scratch your head. Without giving too much away, it involves...

" oven full of witches?"

If you are a fan of the first two films, you will likely enjoy Paranormal Activity 3 as well. It sticks to the format that works, does a decent job telling the backstory of the girls, and delivers in the scare factor.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Paranormal Activity 3 Movie Trailer

It is interesting to note that a LOT of what you see in this trailer doesn't appear in the movie

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