Friday, November 6, 2015


The Hitcher Movie Review 2007

When college students Jim (Zachary Knighton) and Grace (Sophia Bush) set off for a road trip they are terrorized by a crazed hitchhiker (Sean Bean) they refused to pick up. This remake of the 1986 thriller (starring the legendary C. Thomas Howell) amps up the blood and gore while taking the viewer on an intense, wild ride.
In this car

Jim and Grace are a horror oddity--likeable characters. They come off as compassionate (albeit poor decision making) youngsters, and Knighton and Bush are, for the most part, believable. Bean is absolutely fantastic as hitcher John Ryder--of course this should surprise nobody familiar with Bean's work. For all the intensity, blood, and good performances, however, there are underlying issues with this movie that bring it down considerably. The police are dumbed down to an almost laughable level and must be the most poorly trained officers in the country. The decisions our heroes make will having you wanting to reach through your screen to choke them. And...just how does Mr. Hitchhiker keep finding these poor kids? Throw in dialogue that isn't interesting in the least and you're left with a film that should be much better than it is--still, this is a fun movie to watch and I recommend it for, if nothing else, Bean's performance (and didn't I mention the gore?). 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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