Thursday, November 12, 2015

SAW VI (aka Saw 6)

Saw VI Movie Review

Mark Hoffman continues John Kramer's deadly game as he targets predatory lenders and, more importantly, the heartless, soulless bastards who run and work for health insurance companies. Meanwhile, the FBI tries to put together the pieces of Peter Strahm's role in the Jigsaw killings, while Jigsaw's former wife Jill executes Jigsaw's final game. If Saw V was a step down in the series (it was), Saw VI is a big step back in the right direction. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan (with new director Kevin Greutert) right many of the wrongs of the fifth movie, while adding additional layers to what we already know about Hoffman, Jigsaw, Jill, and even a somewhat returning Amanda. The series of traps the insurance executive, William Easton, has to go through are absolutely fantastic, and includes one of my personal favorites from the entire series.

This one

For the most part the acting is nothing to write home about in this film, and, at times, is actually really bad, in particular Devon Bostick as Brent, the teenager locked up with his Mom--his performance is the worst the series has seen since the infamous Franky G. stunk up the screen in Saw II; still, one can easily overlook this as we see Easton and his cronies receive the comeuppance millions of Americans wish upon health insurance bigwigs. The final scene with him is fantastic, and, in the final scene of the film, we almost see the reverse bear trap from the first film actually kill somebody. I am a big fan of the sixth installment of the Saw series and recommend anybody who gave up on the series after Saw V give this one a shot.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Saw VI Movie Trailer

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