Thursday, November 12, 2015

SAW V (aka Saw 5)

Saw V Movie Review

Five strangers awaken in a room and, if they are fortunate enough to escape this room, must make their way through several other rooms, all while being told not to do what their instinct tells them to. Meanwhile Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) is promoted to Detective Lieutenant but is aware that somebody is on to who he really is. Really this movie focuses almost primarily on Hoffman--his history, how he ended up in cahoots with Jigsaw, etc., and the group of five seem to be there just to have some people go through traps. Scott Patterson returns as Agent Peter Strahm, the man who figures out there's something not quite right about Hoffman.

Things don't get much better for Peter

Melton and Dunstan return to write this installment, and long time production designer David Hackl replaces Darren Lynn Bousman as director, and, well, the results aren't great. The story becomes WAY too convoluted in this outing, focuses far too much on Hoffman, and the acting is, as a whole, the worst we have seen in the series. The "twist" concerning the five is something you will likely figure out early on, and the fact that none of those characters are worth saving makes you care little about them. That said, the final trap is actually pretty good--in a bloody way, of course, and the fate of Peter is nothing short of tragic and gruesome. Naturally, Jigsaw John Kramer is barely in the movie, which only contributes to the disappointment. Ultimately Saw V only serves to make the story of the series murky, and puts pressure on the next two to clear things up. This, to me, is the worst movie in the series.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Saw V Movie Trailer

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