Thursday, June 11, 2015


Rites of Spring Movie Review

A group of small time criminals kidnap the daughters of a wealthy family, demanding a ransom for their safe return. At the same time, a farmer (Marco St. John) kidnaps two girls, continuing a pattern of missing girls that has taken place since the mid 1980s. This movie combines these two plots pretty effectively, resulting in a decent horror film here. The acting varies widely, ranging from the screaming of the girls being unbearable at times, to a very good performance by AJ Bowen of You're Next fame as the one person who sees this entire situation as messed up. We find out the girls have been kidnapped at the start of each spring as a rite (hence the title) and a sacrifice to the...creature thing...


...who, in return, brings a good harvest. To me this movie was a throwback to so many movies I have enjoyed in the past, from 70s grindhouse films to 80s and 90s scarecrow B movies. The creature itself is actually pretty scary, as he moves very quickly and is sadistically violent. The blood and gore is here, but there's not too much that it's distracting, and the movie tends toward old school effects and away from CGI, which score points in my book. The music and cinematography are also very good in this movie, and there are some interesting plot twists along the way as well. However, not all is well here. The movie is tragically short (81 minutes), there are plot holes and loose ends here and there (what happened to the little girl anyway?), and the end leaves a little to be desired (even taking into account the bonus scene after the credits). Even with these shortcomings, Rites of Spring is a pretty good little indie horror film that I think is worth a viewing.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Rites Of Spring Movie Trailer

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