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Invisible Invaders Movie Review

Invisible aliens arrive on Earth to warn they will destroy everybody on the planet if the humans do not surrender. When the threat falls on deaf ears, the invasion begins. Now it is up to a couple scientists, the daughter of a scientist, and a member of the military to figure out a way to stop the invasion. This 1959 film is actually quite an interesting film. The aliens make their presence known by entering dead bodies, giving us a precursor of sorts to the legendary Night of the Living Dead--the zombies here, referred to as "The walking dead", look strikingly similar to those George Romero would use in Night of the Living Dead almost a decade later.

The Walking Dead

Naturally, there is a lot of 1950s sci-fi silliness here: repetitive shots, the over-dramatic narration of the story, the repeated use of newspaper headlines, the use of stock footage--and why in the world do the aliens drag their feet when they walk while invisible? Oh yeah, so they could use "special effects" to show the dirt moving and nobody there to do it. Also, the aliens, with their "advanced intelligence", have determined the moon is a planet, not, you know, a moon. The first alien to make contact refers to the moon as a planet not once, but twice. Still, all this stuff really only adds to the charm of the movie for me. The acting is what you would expect from this era. The pace of the movie is really well done, but it is a short film, clocking in at just 67 minutes. One thing I really disliked about the movie was the sounds they use, especially in the final five minutes of the film--it really made the movie almost unwatchable. The end also felt extremely rushed and left a lot to be desired. This really is a nice little movie, however, and could be described as inspirational for movies to come. If you're a fan of movies from this era I recommend this one.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Invisible Invaders Movie Trailer

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