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Cult of the Cobra Movie Review

Six American Air Force men encounter a snake charmer who will let them be the first outsiders to view the ancient transformation of a woman into a snake on just two conditions: they pay a hundred dollars, and they cannot take pictures. Naturally, one of the dopes takes a picture (with flash, no less) during the ritual, resulting in a curse being placed on them and the snakewoman stalking them back in New York City. This 1955 feature gets off to a pretty good start, jumping almost immediately into the action. The snakewoman we see in the ritual is...interesting... she is...

..but from this scene on we always either see her in her normal human form or as a very cheap, fake cobra. Faith Domergue plays the Lisa the Snakewoman, and does a decent job with the role, as do the actors playing the Air Force guys, though the script does little to build character with any of them. Also appearing in the film (far too little) is Kathleen Hughes as Julia. You may recognize Kathleen from somewhere else...

Where have I seen this face?

The story is a decent one that takes a somewhat unexpected turn near the end--I could have done without this as it takes away the callous nature of Lisa too much. The big problem with the movie is the execution of the snake attack scenes. We are given a very fake looking snake, complete with first person shots from the point of view of the snake that look blurry and...sparkly?

Snake Vision!

This all leads to a fairly anti-climatic ending that at least finally SHOWS the transformation on screen. Overall, Cult of the Cobra is a fun little movie that simply falls well short of the potential it had.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Cult Of The Cobra Movie Trailer

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