Saturday, November 13, 2010


The Ghost Movie Review

The first thing I noticed: This movie is mislabeled on the DVD menu. The movie that says The Ghost is actually Dominique. So I clicked on Dominique Is Dead (also mislabeled) and finally got to this movie. So if you pick up the Do Not Watch Alone collection, be ready for that.

A woman (Barbara Steele) and her lover (Peter Baldwin), the doctor taking care of the woman’s sick, wealthy husband (Elio Jotta), plot to murder the millionaire to inherit his fortune. After the man is killed, however, his ghost returns to haunt his widowed wife. This Italian film has a very gothic feel, with the entire movie taking place in a mansion, and is typical of these sorts of movies. You have creepy music box music playing by itself, unexplained happenings all around the mansion, and a very slow pace. This all leads to an ending full of twists (one of which isn’t too bad). Steele is actually a pretty talented actress and does a good job carrying this film (she’s also easy on the eyes).

Hey there

This isn’t a bad movie, but it does drag on way too long. It would have been much better suited as an episode of The Twilight Zone.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

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