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Night Of The Demons 2009 Movie Review

Angela (Shannon Elizabeth, Thirteen Ghosts) is having a Halloween party at a mansion. Soon the guests start becoming possessed by demons. Based on this basic plot summary you would assume this is a remake of the 80’s Night Of The Demons, but calling this a remake is very much a stretch. Other than the very basic idea and the use of the name Angela, there is little about this that resembles the original (a movie I am a big fan of). Elizabeth is a horrible actress, and her portrayal of Angela doesn’t even come close to the original (portrayed by Mimi Kinkade). Not that Kinkade was an extremely talented actress herself, but she made a much more effective Angela, bringing the whole Gothic thing that Elizabeth sorely lacks here. Something that differs a lot from the original is that, in the original, you bought the characters/actors as late teens-early twenties. Here they all look to be in their thirties, especially Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, American History X), who is now fat and looks like he’s about forty.


The acting is bad all around in this one too, which is a shame because at least two of the actors involved (Diora Baird of 30 Days Of Night 2 and Monica Keena of Freddy vs. Jason) have actually been enjoyable in other parts. The special effects, and demons themselves, are rather awful for the most part. There is way too much attempted humor in this, though I have to admit I did laugh twice. The movie does pay homage to the original a few times; the infamous lipstick scene is sort of recreated (not as cool as the original), Angela’s dancing scene is sort of recreated (the only cool thing about this one is Type O Negative’s Black Number 1 playing), and Linnea Quigley has a cameo, complete with her ballerina costume and a nod to a scene she had in the original (this is actually really cool, and probably the best part of the movie).


This is not a terrible movie really, but given my love of the original, I guess I was expecting much more. Instead, I got a run of the mill horror that is neither good nor bad--it's just sort of a harmless, at times fun, throwaway of a movie that is just there.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Night Of The Demons Movie Trailer (includes profanity, gore, and nudity)  

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