Saturday, November 13, 2010


 Dominique Movie Review

Millionaire David Ballard (Cliff Robertson) is haunted by the ghost of his recently deceased wife Dominique (Jean Simmons), who he had tormented during her life. This is a really, really boring, and overall terrible, movie. The dialogue is a joke, it moves miserably slow, the acting is bad (and not in a good way) and little to nothing actually happens throughout. The end is somewhat decent, or maybe it just appears to be compared to the ninety minutes leading up to it. The only thing remotely interesting about this movie is the lighting, which is often all red, blue, or green. Also, it was transferred from reel to reel, which adds a touch that I personally enjoy, but none of these things make this film is remotely worth watching--avoid Dominique at all costs.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 2

I couldn't find the trailer, so here is the entire movie. You've been warned. 

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