Thursday, November 18, 2010


Nightmare Castle Movie Review

Muriel Arrowsmith (Barbara Steele) and her lover are killed by Muriel’s husband Stephen (Paul Muller) after he catches them together. Stephen then realizes Muriel’s sister Jenny (also Steele) inherited Muriel’s fortune and marries her with the hopes of driving her mad so he can then inherit the fortune from her. Things go wrong, however, when Muriel and her lover return from the grave to exact revenge.


If this sounds somewhat familiar it could be because you read my review of The Ghost, also starring Steele. This 1965 Italian horror seems to have a lot going on, but it truly plods along throughout the movie, with little happening. Steele gives a good performance again, though, keeping your interest until the end. This is typical Italian gothic horror—slow moving, a few weird things here and there, and then the somewhat surprise ending. The ending to this movie, however, is better than most for its day, and truly horrific for its time. This is not a really good movie, but one worth checking out if you are a Steele fan (I am quickly becoming one) or if you can appreciate the style and ending.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Nightmare Castle Movie Trailer

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