Monday, April 3, 2017


A Lonely Place To Die Movie Review

A group of hikers in the Scottish Highlands come across a little girl buried in a box. After rescuing the girl, they are hunted by two men with a particular interest in the girl. This 2011 thriller isn't what I would necessarily describe as a horror film, but it certainly does not lack in the blood and carnage.

That was some bullet!

The acting, lead by horror vet Melissa George (30 Days Of Night, Triangle), is pretty good throughout the film. The scenery is beautiful at times, and, if heights scare you, some of the shots down the mountain faces may leave you feeling a bit uneasy. Not all is great here, however. The characters make decisions that make you want to choke them (especially near the end), and the excessive use of slow motion is very off-putting. Thankfully, the many twists and turns throughout are more than enough to allow you to overlook the films shortcomings. A Lonely Place To Die is a movie that kind of flies under the radar, but is certainly a movie worth watching.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

A Lonely Place To Die Movie Trailer

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