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A Lure: Teen Fight Club Movie Review

After a group of teenagers go missing, an undercover cop (Jessica Sonneborn, also the co-writer and one of the producers of the film) is sent to a high school 21 Jump Street style to protect the girls. Soon after she arrives, a rave is planned, but a shady janitor switches the invitations to lead the girls to another location, where another kind of secret party awaits them. This 2010 film has an interesting premise, but it seriously lacking in every way. The acting is some of the worst you can imagine. The writing is atrocious. The characters are one-dimensional, and not a single one is even remotely likable--you wait the entire film for them to start getting killed off, but alas, this best we get is this...  

Teens? Not quite

Yeah, the girls all appear to be at least in their mid-twenties, if not pushing thirty. The continuity errors are hilarious. The dialogue is so bad you may have to dumb yourself down considerably to withstand it--honestly, of all the things that are terrible in this movie, the dialogue may be the worst thing about it. The directing and camera work may make you feel nauseous at times. IMDB states this movie had a three million dollar budget--where that money went is anybody's guess--this movie looks like it was made for under a hundred thousand. There is one unintentional laugh out loud moment that ALMOST makes this movie worth watching--toward the end of the film, the cop who comes t save the day stands probably sixty feet and at a down angle from a guy with a knife to a girl's throat. Without hesitation, and with dead eye accuracy, the cop shoots the man in the head. Mere moments later, the same cop comes upon another guy (the "surprise" bad guy that will surprise nobody paying even a minimal amount of attention to this movie) with a knife to another girl's throat--this time the cop is maybe ten feet away, standing level with the guy, but instead of shooting with the confidence he just had to kill the other guy, he takes the bad guy's order to drop the gun...and then kicks the gun to him! Incredible. If you're hoping for an ending that will make the last 92 minutes of your life worth living, forget about it--the ending is just as awful as the rest of the film. This is the first movie I have watched from a 15 movie box set collection from Echo Bridge my girlfriend got me for Christmas last year.  

This collection, to be exact

This movie is so bad that the other 14 movies in this collection MUST be better...right?    

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 2

A Lure: Teen Fight Club Movie Trailer

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