Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The Uninvited Movie Review

Brother and sister Roderick and Pamela Fitzgerald (Ray Milland and Ruth Hussey) buy a mansion for next to nothing, but never suspect the catch--it's haunted. Stella Meredith (Gail Russell), a woman who lived in the house as a child when all hell broke loose there, soon arrives, and the beautiful home becomes a house of horrors. This 1944 film is known as one of the first films to take the idea of ghosts and turn it from silly to scary.

This would become a staple too

The scenes such as the one above create a creepy atmosphere, but unfortunately, this is often overshadowed by Roderick's obsession infatuation with Stella--a good ghost story dissolves into a fairly run of the mill love story. That said, Russell turns in a very impressive performance. The film is wonderfully shot and visually appealing as well. The Uninvited certainly has a place in the history of horror films, and its influence on films to come is obvious, but it is by no means a masterpiece. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

The Uninvited Movie Trailer

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