Wednesday, April 29, 2015

THE FINAL DESTINATION (aka Final Destination 4)

The Final Destination Movie Review

This one starts out with Nick (Bobby Campo) having a premonition of a disastrous car accident at a race car event. As in the first three, he warns everybody and runs for higher ground. The people who follow him or are forced out of the stadium survive this event, but have to figure a way to avoid death in the future.

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The first thing you will notice about this film is stuff flying at you almost constantly--it will not surprise you, then, to learn this was done in 3D. I saw it in theatres in 3D, and for as good as it was then, it's distracting trying to watch it in a non-3D setting. Another thing you will likely notice is the acting drops off considerably in this outing. It's as if they found the biggest bunch of little-to-no talent television actors available and went with it. One face you may recognize is Mykelti Williamson of Forrest Gump fame. His performance is a fairly good one, though there's only so much he could do with the dialogue he was given. For what the movie lacks in all this, however, it makes up for with the sheer number of death scenes, albeit ones that are so far fetched they often border on comical. The visions Nick has of the next death are REALLY bad CGI that, again, looked decent in 3D but horrible on standard DVD. The opening and closing credits deserve mention as being really well done, however. Much to my dismay, this is the first (and to date, only) Final Destination film that Tony Todd does not appear in in some way. To me, this is the worst of the series, though it is still a decent horror film. The title would suggest this would be the final film in the series--I think somebody realized they can't possibly end it like this, so yes, there will be more.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

The Final Destination Movie Trailer

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