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Final Destination 2 Movie Review

Just before pulling onto a highway, Kimberly (A.J. Cook) has a vision of a multi-vehicle accident that claims many lives. She blocks the ramp leading to the highway, saving the lives of several people who must now try to survive death's vengeance.

Cue chaos in 3...2...1...

Yes, the premise of this film is almost identical to the first, but this time it does include a new rule (delivered by the returning Tony Todd in another fantastic cameo): new life can defeat death. This gives us a storyline that leads one to believe the movie will head in one direction, but it does deliver a nice swerve at the end. It is also revealed that many of the characters in this film are indirectly related in some fashion to characters and events from the first film. This is a strong follow up to the original film--the acting falls a bit, but not too much, and some of the death scenes are on par with the first. I actually like the disaster sequence at the start of this film more than the first (it's probably my favorite premonition of the series and forever changed the way I looked at certain trucks). The lead, Cook, doesn't do a particularly good job here. To me she fails, through her practically emotionless performance, to make us care a whole lot for her character. The rest of the survivors are a more mixed bunch than in the first--in the original film, with the exception of the school teacher, the survivors were all high school students. Here they are many ages, races, backgrounds, etc., and there are more of them--I personally think this is a nice touch. Final Destination 2 is a step down from the original film, but it's not a huge step whatsoever. I highly recommend this film as well.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Final Destination 2 Movie Trailer

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