Thursday, March 4, 2010


 Subspecies 2 Movie Review

We pick this up the day after Subspecies (I assume this because the dead bodies from the original are still lying where they died) as the subspecies help bring Radu (Anders Hove) back from the dead. Michelle (whose hair has grown quite a bit over night) awakens to Radu standing over her, having just killed her lover (his brother). Michelle (now played by Denice Duff) takes the bloodstone and is soon on the run from Radu as she comes to grips with now being a vampire herself. This installment is a step up form part one. The budget seems to have been increased for this sequel and, mercifully, the subspecies creatures are not around much here (and look better when they are).

A little better

Radu is once again a very effective vampire, though his behavior here is somewhat odd and quite different than in the original. Duff makes a much better Michelle as well. The main problem with this movie is the pace is just way too slow at times and, again, some things don’t make sense--one being that Radu is now affected by sunlight--in the first one he was not. They stepped up the special effects in this one, though one thing, the shadow effect, is well overused. Comedy plays a larger role in this film than the first, and usually it is painfully bad. This movie would have highly benefited from being cut by about 15 minutes. Still, the movie wasn’t too bad, and as I said, it's a bit better than the first.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Subspecies 2 Movie Trailer

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