Monday, March 1, 2010


Army Of Darkness Movie Review

We open with a summary of Evil Dead 2 and the events that lead to Ash (Bruce Campbell) being in the year 1300 AD, complete with a third different Linda (Bridget Fonda here) and a bit of a change from the end of Evil Dead 2--the warriors bowing down to Ash before are now capturing him to kill him. Ash must now retrieve the Book Of The Dead in order to make it back to modern times. This third and final installment of the trilogy moves away from the horror and gore and more to a slapstick comedy with a lot of special effects. I am not a fan of The Three Stooges and unfortunately this movie borrows a lot from them, so to me some of the comedy is just not funny. That said, there is a LOT that is funny here and, again, that all falls on Campbell, who is brilliant in this role.


The version I have is the director’s cut, which features about 15 more minutes than the standard version, and also includes the original, more appropriate, and far better ending. The third outing is certainly a step down from the first two films but it is still an outstanding film.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Army Of Darkness Movie Trailer

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