Saturday, March 13, 2010

STANLEY (From Gore House Greats)

 Stanley Movie Review

Chris Robinson (not the singer) plays Tim Ochopee, a nature and animal loving loner living in the Everglades in Florida. Tim's only friends? Snakes.

They're good for cuddling too

A group of hunters come around his area to hunt for snakes to make belts out of, forcing Tim, aided by his best friend Stanley (a rattlesnake), to defend the snakes and eventually lose his mind even more. The parallels to Willard are obvious: Tim (Willard in Willard) is an oddball loner who befriends a bunch of snakes (rats in Willard), favoring one (Stanley here, Ben in Willard) over the rest. This movie is not nearly as good as Willard but it does have it’s moments--one scene, which sees Tim throwing snakes into the bed of a terrified couple, is particularly creepy. The snake attack scenes are so fake that it made me laugh a bit, and the fact that of all the characters, Stanley (yes, the rattlesnake) is the most moral. I must say that if you are scared of snakes this movie may scare you quite a bit—unfortunately I am not afraid of snakes (I used to own one after all), so that was no fear factor for me. It runs a bit long but still, I liked it a little.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Stanley (Not so much a trailer, but a look)

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