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The Kiss of the Vampire Movie Review

A newlywed couple, on their way to celebrate their honeymoon, experience car trouble and must turn to the locals for help. Unfortunately, the locals are a clan of vampires. This 1963 film is a fairly typical Hammer vampire film, minus the awesomeness of Christopher Lee, which in itself loses points. There's a castle/mansion (this one is actually pretty nice), a slow, plodding pace, a couple hot chicks, and little to no action until the closing minutes. That's the formula that worked for many movies during this bizarre decade, and is one this movie follows pretty closely, minus, unfortunately, the hot chicks.

As good as it gets here
The performances in this movie are bizarre--it's almost as if the cast knew how boring this movie would turn out and decided to not even try to bring life to it, with the exception of Edward de Souza as Gerald, the man on his honeymoon, who is so over the top it's hilarious, Clifford Evans, who as Professor Zimmer, is as stone boring as an Ahab could possibly ever be, and Barry Warren, who turns in the only truly good performance as Carl, an Inn keeper. If the movie has not bored you to sleep by the time you finally get to it, the masquerade party near the end is when things begin to pick up.

He's happy--something is finally happening 

A kidnapping, deception, the weakest vampires you will likely ever see, and breaking and entering all lead to a fantastic climax that involves more rubber bats on strings than one could possibly count--that almost made this movie worth watching. If you are a fan of Hammer films from the early 60s (keeping in mind Christopher Lee is not in this) you may want to check this one out. If not, skip it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 4

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