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The Curse of the Werewolf Movie Review

A beggar enters a castle and, after being purchased by the owner, is thrown into a dungeon. While there, a mute servant girl is seen visiting him. Many years later the servant, now a woman, returns, but is this time thrown into the dungeon with the beggar. After being raped by the beggar the woman escapes, kills the castle owner, and is found face down in a river by a friendly townsman. He takes her to his house, where it is discovered she is pregnant as a result of the rape. On Christmas Day she dies while giving birth to Leon, a child who becomes a werewolf at some point after going hunting. Leon eventually grows up, falls in love, and tries to fight off the unhappiness that makes him a killer animal (we learn earlier only love can contain his werewolf metamorphosis). Yes, this movie really is this convoluted and stretched out--and by the way, leading up to finding the servant, the man who finds her narrates the story, even though, since she was, after all, mute, he could not have known the details of the events leading up to that moment.

It's just occurring to her

Like many Hammer films, this one tends to offer very little in action for most of the movie, though the story does move at a lightning pace (obviously), and it has a good ending. The story is an interesting one, though a bigger werewolf presence would have been nice. I wish most of the beginning of the film would have been traded in for more carnage in the middle and end--really, the whole thing with the beggar could have been cut entirely, but I guess that's how we find out that beggar raping mute equals this guy... 

Don't judge

This is such a hard movie to like and also a hard movie to dislike. It is a very crisp looking film, and some of the acting is pretty good, but too much of it is just inconsistent. I write The Curse of the Werewolf off as a decent enough movie, but one that had the potential to be a lot more. 

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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