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Zombie Lake Movie Review

A group of Nazi's return from the dead--and the bottom of a lake--to terrorize a small village in France. This 1981 French film is known as one of the worst zombie films ever made, and for good reason, but I have to be honest and say to me it was so bad it was good. The zombie green makeup looks like it came from a post-Halloween clearance bin somewhere. The continuity errors are fantastic--at one point a team of volleyball players get naked and go into the cursed lake. We get a shot of them standing thigh-deep in the water, splashing at each other and having fun. The next shot is under the water as the zombies approach, and the girls are now in water so deep they are kicking their legs to float. The next shot? Thigh deep again. The dialogue was dull, but there was so little of it you can overlook it with ease. In fact, there was so little talking in this film I wondered what it would have been like as a silent film (I concluded it likely would have been much better). There was also stuff that was just...weird. One of the zombies was the father of a little girl living in the village, and they have a relationship that reminded me of Frankenstein's Monster and the little girl from Frankenstein.

A touching zombie-daughter moment

This guy, who we are introduced to in an extended flashback scene that made this as much a war movie as a zombie film, becomes a pseudo good guy--even though he is not only a zombie, but a Nazi zombie! The zombies, when they do attack, are far more vampire-esque than zombies as they bite the necks of their victims (in a particularly hilarious scene a zombie looks more like he's trying to give his victim a hicky than trying to chew into her), drink some blood, but do not eat that bodies. And when exactly does this movie take place? When they tell the story of the zombie soldiers being dumped into the lake, it is said to have happened "ten years ago", which would make this movie set in the 1950s, but the van, cameras, clothing, etc., all look like they are from the late seventies. And if it IS set in the late seventies/early eighties, the Nazi's daughter would be in her thirties. Many of the shots are absolutely inexplicable. The zombies are determined to be indestructible, yet one is scared of knives. Yes, this is a bad, bad movie, but if you like such things in movies, you will find a great deal of enjoyment here--I did.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

Zombie Lake Movie Trailer (this is the English language trailer. I saw it in French. Warning: there's lots of nudity in this trailer, but oddly, the woman who comes in yelling about the lake has a shirt on, and in the movie she is topless.)

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