Friday, May 8, 2015


Sadako Movie Review

Many years ago, a girl named Sadako was murdered and thrown down a well. Now Sadako returns, via a viral video on the internet, to posses and kill anybody who dares watch. This is a continuation of sorts of the Ringu series (the inspiration for The Ring), which brings us from the age of VHS to that of the internet, and like so many other things, the new can't compare with the old. This movie was done in 3D, and that is really obvious when watching it at home--I can't say how this looked in a theatre, but watching on Netflix, the 3D stuff is very distracting, and worse, it looks cheap. The special effects are also bad, and when paired up with the 3D it creates an absolute mess.

This gives you an idea

It really is a shame that visually it is such a bad movie because otherwise, it really isn't. The acting is solid, the things coming out of the well were creepy (they would have been more so had the effects been better), and the story was a decent modernization. Sadako does seem more Americanized than previous Japanese horror films in that it tends more toward quick action, death scenes and gore as opposed to the slower build we have become accustomed to from such films. I wanted to like this movie as I am such a fan of Japanese horror, but unfortunately the poor presentation made that impossible. Still, the story itself may make it worth your time, and if you're a fan of the Ringu series this is worth a viewing to at least say you've seen them all.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

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