Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Mirrors 2 Movie Review

Max (Nick Stahl Carnivale, Sin City) takes a job as a security guard at a department store and soon starts seeing strange things in mirrors there, including the deaths of other people working in the building. This essentially follows the same general idea of the first Mirrors film and even almost recreates a few of the scenes from the first one. This one does seem to have a bit more gore, some of which is effective and some of which looks pretty bad thanks to the poor CGI.

Here's a taste

The cast is actually pretty decent here, especially Stahl in the lead. The story itself is a pretty good one as well once it got it’s own legs and strayed enough away from the first film—not that I dislike the first film at all. I am actually quite a fan of it, but this movie, at times, and especially in the beginning, felt like a remake of the first film. The dialogue was mostly good with a few shaky spots here and there and a few too many clich√©s. The ending was done well and, other than some questionable CGI, was very pleasing. This straight to video movie is not a masterpiece, but it was a nice surprise as it was better than I was expecting.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 7

Mirrors 2 Movie Trailer

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