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Paranormal Entity Movie Review

Thomas Finley (Shane Van Dyke, also the director and writer), his sister Samantha (Erin Marie Hogan) and his mother Ellen (Fia Perera) are haunted by ghosts in their house and decide to start recording it all on videotape. This very low budget, home video looking film never actually shows the ghosts but does show the results of their actions. If this sounds familiar you must have seen Paranormal Activity and yes, Paranormal Entity is a direct rip-off of it--at times it is almost scene-for-scene the same.

Look kind of familiar?

This movie was distributed by Asylum, a company known for making such movies. Since “PA” was such a low-budget film, this one doesn’t come off as some cheap imitation like most other such movies do; instead, it comes off as a sequel. That said, if this were a stand-alone movie and “PA” didn’t exist, this would be a decent low budget film. It has its frightening moments and is pretty well made, though the dialogue is awful at times and the acting leaves a bit to be desired. Hogan does a fairly good job as Samantha, the most tormented victim in the film. This movie falls well below Paranormal Activity, which was original and very well done, but I enjoyed Paranormal Entity a bit and can’t help but recommend it, assuming you understand what exactly it is going into it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Paranormal Entity Movie Trailer

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