Sunday, July 25, 2010


The Betrayed Movie Review

Jamie Taylor (Melissa George, 30 Days Of Night, Lie To Me) is captured by a mysterious group, headed by Alek (Oded Fehr, The Mummy, Resident Evil series), that is trying to track down her husband to get back money he owes them. Jamie is kept in a room in a warehouse, where she must go through tapes and figure out where her husband, who has been leading a double life she was not aware of, would keep the money, or the group will kill her and her son.

This is no time for a nap

This is a pretty typical crime-drama movie that sort of plods along, has a predictable storyline, and doesn’t execute in the end. George and Fehr both give pretty good performances, which you expect if you have seen these two before. However, those performances are almost offset by the irritating kid in the movie. It’s not really a bad movie at all and it will keep your attention for the most part. There is even a tense moment or two, but this is not a good movie either. It’s just sort of there and, unless you are a fan of George, I would recommend skipping it.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 5

The Betrayed Movie Trailer

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