Sunday, June 27, 2010


 Live Animals Movie Review

A group of college students are kidnapped, held in horse stalls, and sold into the sex trade. This horror movie is a low-budget flick that combines an equal amount of gore and off screen stuff, giving both a modern and 80’s throwback feel. There are a few things that bring this film down--the dialogue is really bad and the acting almost as much. The sound at times is so bad you can’t hear what the actors are saying (nothing important I’m guessing). There is a plot hole here and there, but nothing too bad. Still, I enjoyed this movie, particularly the final twenty minutes. The story is pretty interesting and there is even a decent twist thrown in.

An animal

The ending was a really good one too I thought, leaving a very bleak feel after the movie has ended—this is to say the ending before the very final scene, which I didn’t feel was needed at all. This is certainly not a masterpiece in horror, but I do think it’s worth a viewing.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

Live Animals Movie Trailer

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