Monday, January 18, 2010


Joy Ride 2 Movie Review

Melissa and her fiancé Bobby, along with Melissa’s sister Kayla and her date Nik, are on their way to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. Along the way their car breaks down. They walk through the desert of Utah until they come to a house that has not been inhabited for a while. In the garage they find a car and take it, but not before leaving a note, with Melissa’s phone number, promising to return the car once they get help. The car's owner (if you’ve seen the first Joy Ride you know exactly who it is) kidnaps one of them and the remaining three must follow the kidnapper’s instructions if they hope to get their friend back.

Trouble's waiting

This sequel to the 2001 original has some pretty intense and interesting moments, notably the game towards the end, but ultimately suffers from very poor writing. Some of the stuff in the movie is simply inexpiable and so bad it's distracting. Nick Zano (The Final Destination) turns in the strongest performance as Bobby and Nicki Aycox (Jeepers Creepers 2, Dead Birds) does a good job as Melissa. On the other hand, Laura Jordan is pretty bad as Kayla and Kyle Schmid (A History Of Violence, The Covenant) is absolutely dreadful as Nik, the self-proclaimed “third wave emo punk”, coming off as somebody doing a really bad impersonation of Matthew Lillard. Being a fan of Joy Ride, I really WANTED to like this movie, and I did like some parts of it, but there is just so much ridiculousness here that took a lot away from the film. Still, with some pretty good scenes and some intense moments, it’s not a total loss, and I did enjoy it a bit.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 6

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