Friday, January 29, 2010


Slither Movie Review

A meteor hits Earth, bringing with it an alien slug that soon enters the body of Grant Grant (Michael Rooker of Mallrats and Cliffhanger). Grant then transforms into a constantly growing slug-like creature and soon many smaller slug creatures terrorize the town, entering the bodies of people and turning them all into zombies with the mind of Grant. Now it is up to the town’s sheriff (Nathan Fillion of Firefly), Grant’s wife (Elizabeth Banks, Spider-Man 1-3), the town’s drunken mayor (veteran television actor Gregg Henry) and a teen girl (Tania Saulnier) to save the day. It had been a couple years since I watched this and I forgot how much I liked it. This movie is an outstanding blend of comedy, gore, horror and creature features with many nods to classic monster movies.

Monster awesomeness

Henry is a riot as the mayor and Fillion, Banks and Rooker are wonderful in their roles. There are tons of classic lines here too. There are a few genuinely creepy scenes in the movie, particularly when the slugs get into the Strutemyer house and follow Kylie out to the truck. The little girls are actually pretty scary in that scene! Pam from The Office (Jenna Fischer) also has a brief but memorable appearance as a police dispatcher. My only real complaint with the movie is that some of the gross out scenes are, well, too gross for my liking. Otherwise this is a very fun movie that I recommend.

On A Scale Of One To Ten: 8

Slither Movie Trailer

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